I'm using a certain tiled base map and am encountering difficulties with scaling in the layout-manager within QGIS.

For instance the QGIS project shows the basemap at scale 1:750, but the layout manager shows only up till 1:1800, further than that it disappears in the layout (the paper size is set to A3). I've also tested it in ArcMap 10.8 and it shows perfectly scaled in.

Is there a way to zoom in or does anyone know a workaround?

Information details of said WMS

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Try changing the Export Settings/Export Resolution in your Layout properties (300 => a lower value like 72 or 150)

If the DPI is higher than the one used for on screen rendering within QGIS, the Layout renderer will fail to find tiles with the required native resolution at the given scale.

Layer rendering at 1:1125: enter image description here

Layout fails to render 1:1125 with the default Dpi: enter image description here

Change the Export Resolution in the layout properties: enter image description here

It shows up and exports properly


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