I have run the yolov5 model to predict trees in imagery with a geocoordinate. I got the bounding box objects with relative coordinates after running the model. I would like to have these bounding boxes with the absolute coordinate system as the imagery (NZTM 2000).

How do I do this?

Below are my bounding box information and original imagery for the prediction.

enter image description here

The information of bounding box is above.

The imagery with the bounding box is enter image description here

The extent of the imagery in the NZTM coordinates as follow: the coordinate system of imagery: NZGD 2000 New Zealand Transverse Mercator.

The extent of imagery: top: 5,702,588.730967 m, bottom: 5,702,581.666007 m, left:1,902,830.371719m, right: 1,902,837.436679m


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