I am trying to export yearly median MODIS-based NDVI products at 250m spatial resolution. I am using the 16 day MODIS/061/MOD13Q1 product. I have found this code which I am following.

The yearly median NDVI image I produced looks like this:


Because I have very little knowledge in Google Earth Engine, I wanted to ask if the code to generate yearly median MODIS/061/MOD13Q1 product (free of cloud, cloud shadows and bad quality pixels) is correct.

I am asking this, because the areas highlighted in red are water bodies and, as far as I know, water bodies should have negative NDVI values. As you can see from the picture, the NDVI range of my image has no negative values (0.0066-0.7318).

Here is the code:

var table = ee.FeatureCollection("users/nikostziokas/mumbai_7767");

var maskEmptyPixels = function(image) {
  var withObs = image.select('NDVI').gt(0);
  return image.updateMask(withObs); 
var maskClouds = function(image) {
  var QA = image.select('SummaryQA');
  var bitMask = 1 << 10;
  return image.updateMask(QA.bitwiseAnd(bitMask).eq(0));

var table_bounds = function(image){
 return image.clip(table); 

var collection = ee.ImageCollection("MODIS/061/MOD13Q1")
               .filterDate('2018-01-01', '2018-12-31')
var evicollection = collection.map(table_bounds);

var totalObsCount = evicollection
var collectionCloudMasked = evicollection.map(maskClouds);

var clearObsCount = collectionCloudMasked

    {bands: ['NDVI'],
     gain: 0.07,
     gamma: 1.4
    'median of masked collection'
//Calculate the median for each band (B2 to B7), multiply by scale factor
//(0.0001), and clip to country polygon
var median1 = collectionCloudMasked.select('NDVI')

image: median1,
description: 'ndvi',
scale: 250, //100 for Band10
maxPixels: 1000000000000,
region: table,
crs: 'EPSG: 7767', 
folder: 'Landsat-5'});

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By removing the maskEmptyPixels function, the water bodies have negative NDVI values.

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