I am running Quantum GIS 1.8.0 on a 64-bit Windows platform. I've imported a data set that plots correctly when overlaid with a Google Satellite map, so I know that the layer/project CRS is okay (since my points are being projected correctly). The issue is that when I hover my cursor over any point on the map, the reported coordinates are entirely different from the coordinates used for plotting the points. How do I fix this or where can I get information on how to resolve this? I've checked the QGIS bug repository, searched this forum, and reviewed the User Guide.


plotted point: -76.83617103 39.21012998

map coordinates at mouse cursor position (same point as above): -8553363.45 4751815.77


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The coordinates reported on the bottom of the QGIS window are reported in the project CRS. That would be Web Mercator if you have OpenLayers loaded.

I guess you are expecting WGS84 (GPS) coordinates? You can use the coordinate capture plugin to get WGS84 coordinates independent of the project CRS.

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    Thanks! The coordinate capture plugin works perfectly for the point features I'm adding! Jan 2, 2013 at 18:40
  • Here is info how the plugin can be enabled. It is not to be fetched and installed, as I thought at first!
    – Tomas
    Jun 7, 2013 at 16:24

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