I am running the ArcGIS 10.8 Geostatistical analyst ExtractValuesToTable tool to extract values from multiple rasters at input points. The tool completes successfully, but it is not possible to tie the results back to each individual raster. The SrcID_Rast column contains the value 0 for all extracted rasters:

screenshot showing only 0s in the SrcID_Rast column of the resulting table

How can I ensure that the names of each raster are included in the table so that I can link the extracted values to the correct source?

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I was able to address this issue by including the optional out_raster_names_table argument, per the documentation of the Extract Values to Table tool. When a file path is provided to for this argument, the SrcID_Rast field is populated with an integer and the corresponding raster names are exported to a separate table:

out_table result

enter image description here

out_raster_names_table result enter image description here (Raster names not show).

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