I am trying to create a web map within ArcGIS Enterprise which will be used in Field Maps. My workflow has been:

  • Create a map in Pro with four vector layers. These are all stored in a local geodatabase.
  • Share as a web map to Enterprise, configured as "copy all data: editable".

When analyzed, I get one 24138 warning about a single layer's pop-up definition including fields that aren't supported online. A look at the documentation says that the layer can be shared, but won't have those fields.

I also get a typical 00374 warning that unique numeric IDs need to be assigned.

I do so. I then share this Enterprise. The process runs and appears to work, but when I open up the web map I receive an error message saying that the map cannot be drawn completely because one or more layers are not supported. All four layers are listed in the Layers pane of the web map, but each with an error marking and none displaying.

If I follow this same workflow but publish to ArcGIS Online, I don't run into any problems.


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