I'm using ArcGIS Pro 3.0. I have a Streets feature class that includes the ordinal for numeric streets in the street name field. For example, for "13th Street", the name field is "13th" instead of "13". I want to label these numbered streets with the ordinal in superscript. So instead of 13TH or 13th, I want 13th. Like this: enter image description here

Is there a way to make these ordinals superscript in an Arcade labeling expression? I am aware of the Arcade superscript labeling syntax '<SUP>'+$feature.ST_NAME+'</SUP>' and that would work great if the ordinals were pulled into a separate field. Am I missing something obvious?

The street name field also includes non-numerical street names like Main, Hwy 160, and CR 240.


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With the help of the oh-so-handy ChatGPT, I used the following Python code to parse ordinals to a new field.

import re

def parse_ordinal(street_name):
    # Use a regular expression to search for ordinal patterns in the street name
    match = re.search(r'\b(\d+)(st|nd|rd|th)\b', street_name)
    if match:
        # Return the ordinal found in the street name
        return match.group(1) + match.group(2)
        # Return an empty string if no ordinal is found
        return ''

# Example usage
street_name = "123rd street"
print(parse_ordinal(street_name)) # Output: "123rd"

If you want to just return the ordinal, delete the match.group(1) + from the code. From there, you can work with label classes to create "Numbered" and "Named" street classes based on the presence of an ordinal in the parse_ordinal result.

enter image description here

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