I have a problem with downloading data from the WFS. I have about a thousand WFS addresses that I need to download in a short period of time and would like to speed this up.

Do you know of any ways to do this?

  • What have you tried? Gnu parallel could do it but you are likely bandwidth limited
    – Ian Turton
    Feb 2 at 19:48
  • I've tried the loop, but I don't know python enough to make something out of it. Feb 2 at 20:07
  • Have done this to a limit - but it's either your internet or the servers bandwidth connection that will timeout.
    – Mapperz
    Feb 2 at 23:17
  • How are you doing it now, what is the limiting factor? This is an example for one service using urllib.request
    – BERA
    Feb 3 at 14:46


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