I'm trying to export an image array produced by the ee.Algorithms.TemporalSegmentation.Ccdc algorithm. This is a 1D image array. I'm trying to export it using:

  description: 'image_export',
  region: geometry,
  scale: 10,

But I obtain the following error:

Error: Cannot export array bands. (Error code: 3)

How can I download the image array or, preferably, convert the 1D image array to a ee.Image() object to download it without problems?

Here my full script: https://code.earthengine.google.com/e876bf7fa95fecc8a5c69488b8849b0c


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I was able to convert the 1D image array into an ee.Image() object using ee.Image.arrayFlatten() as follows:

var ccdc_tBreak = ccdc.select('tBreak').arrayFlatten([['tBreat']]);

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