I want to add Raster Layer WMS with extra query param: token=blablabla. And this token is credentials to GeoServer. When I do like in example - all is fine, layer is added to layer tree.

But then not work zoom in and out in QGIS in WMS, because QGIS not pass token to url in REQUEST=GetMap

rlayer = QgsRasterLayer(f"crs=EPSG:2180&dpiMode=4&format=image/png&layers=cities&styles&url=https://geoserver.local/api/v1/geoserver/wms&token={settings.token}", "Layer name", "wms")

How can I get always queryparam token in WMS requests to GeoServer?

  • https://geoserver.local/api/v1/geoserver/wms&token={settings.token} should be https://geoserver.local/api/v1/geoserver/wms?token={settings.token}
    – nmtoken
    Feb 9 at 14:41


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