I'm following an online course to learn the fundamentals of GIS. We got a ArcGIS Pro 3 to use. Now the course material is all about using ArcMap, which is posing a small problem, but so far I have managed to perform everything in the course.

But now I need to add a basemap to an existing project. Only thing is that the Add Basemap button in the Layer section is greyed out. I've tried to add a basemap through the Insert tab > New Map > Basemap, but all I get then is a blank page.

I found two Basemap troubleshooting guides and, while they are both for ArcMap too, I have followed the steps as good as possible (including changes to the ESRI folder in AppData and the registry), but to no avail.

I have a solid internet connection, switching off anti-virus and Firewall didn't help. I have added trusted websites, and I have an active protal.

I have also tried the two posts I found on this forum, but still nothing.



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