I am using the aggregate expression in QGIS to count how often my polygon name appears in another point layer. The 'Polygon_zone_name' exists on both my polygon layer and my points layer, I can successfully count how many times it exists, but I need an additional filter to only count where the attribute field "Materials_Count" = 1 in my point layer. Can't see to get it to work.

    Polygon_Zone_name=attribute(@parent, 'Polygon_Zone_name')
        AND attribute(targetlayer, Materials_Count='1')

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If I understand correctly you have:

  • A polygon layer called Polygon_layer. It has one string attribute called Polygon_zone_name.
  • A point layer called targetlayer. It has one string attribute called Polygon_zone_name which has identical strings as the polygon layer has in a field named the same. Additionally, this layer has an integer attribute called Materials_Count.

You now want to add the count of appearances of the string in Polygon_Zone_name of the Polygon_layer to the targetlayer if both Polygon_Zone_name strings are identical and the targetlayers attribute Materials_Count is 1.

If that is correct, try this expression:

    filter:="Polygon_Zone_name"=attribute(@parent, 'Polygon_Zone_name')
        AND attribute(@parent, 'Materials_Count')=1
  • Thats worked!! thank you
    – Hibernian3
    Feb 14, 2023 at 21:24

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