I have road data that I've downloaded from the National Transportation Data set for 4 states. I've merged these datasets, clipped them to a watershed shape, and projected the new data to NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_18N. To run Euclidean distance, I set the output cell size to 50m, and changed the environment settings to my watershed area as the processing extent and raster analysis mask. I left the max distance empty.

I disabled the background geoprocessing and made sure there are no '.gbd' in the path I'm using. I keep getting the error message 999999 almost immediately and I'm not sure why.

There was a previous post about this error and tried to follow the solution, but I am still getting errors. Projection of my data

Inputs for Euclidean distance

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    Your output is a GRID, indicated by no extension at the end, the whole path cannot have spaces or punctuation in it. Try adding .tif or .img to the end of your output distance raster, these formats have less restrictions on file path and name. Feb 14 at 4:23


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