According to the docs, ee.data.listImages() takes optional parameters for filtering the assets using image properties. However, I can't seem to get the image filtering to work... I want this code to filter the assets (original size=2) to return just one.

var path = "projects/ee-caseyengstrom/assets/testFolder/"
var assetList = ee.data.listImages(path)

var filteredList= ee.data.listImages(path,{
  properties:["num_prop<2", "str_prop=='a'"],
  filter: "properties.num_prop<2"
print(filteredList['images']) // not working; should return list of size 1


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listImages operates on collections, not folders. Under the covers, it's just calling listAssets.

listAssets works on collections and folders, but doesn't support filtering on folders.

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