I am trying to download population count data (100m pixel size) from WorldPop using the R package wpgpDownloadR. The code:

# install.packages("devtools")

wd = "path"

r <- wpgpGetCountryDataset(ISO3 = "GRC",
                            covariate = "ppp_2018"
                            destDir = path)

But i am getting this error:

Error: unexpected symbol in:
"                            covariate = "ppp_2018"

Even if I change the destDir argument to destDir = "the/whole/path" I am getting the same error. Also, I tried the method argument without success. I have tried this solution, but still the same error. Any ideas why?

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Your definition of path is not correct, and you miss a comma after "ppp_2018". The following works, creating a "path" directory inside the current working directory and downloading the file:


path <- paste0(getwd(),"/path")

r <- wpgpGetCountryDataset(ISO3 = "GRC",
                           covariate = "ppp_2018",
                           destDir = path)

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