Does anyone know some good tutorials, books, papers, blogs, etc to handle spatial data in R?

I know that there are some packages like rgdal and maptools but I haven't actually found useful tutorials to get in touch with the basic functions (read, plot, change symbology, join data, etc.) and/or to get a broader overview what are the actual capabilities of R for spatial analysis and manipulation of Spatial data.


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There's quite a few resources for learning 'spatial' R online:

A few nice tutorials, including some with a focus on interactivity (often listed as a weakness of doing GIS with R)

I also made a quick easy and holistic tutorial you folks can check out here https://github.com/mattjbayly/MapsProj. All you need is the R text script and all other material is downloaded remotely from R.

My tutorial covered GIS data imports/exports, basic manipulation of vector & raster data, some of basic plotting and a brief overview of projections. Estimated time to complete: 60mins


I have some tutorials introducing spatial analysis in R on my website:



Dr Alec Stephenson talk on Exploring spatial data with R: Slides and scripts

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    I find this very hard to grasp. It only has 4 slides that mainly say "look at these packages", and non-commented code that will give you examples, but leave all the research on what exactly this does to the reader.
    – til_b
    Jan 7, 2015 at 8:35

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