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I was reading Converting ArcGIS (*.mxd) file to QGIS (*.qgs) file?.

It looks as though this only works with ArcGIS 10.

I would like to do this, but am unable to install things on the computer that has ArcGIS.

Is there a way to import to QGIS without using mxd2qgis (that requires ArcGIS 10)?

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    I looked for a solution some time age. Unfortunately, without success. – Tomek Jan 8 '13 at 10:39

The MXD format is proprietary to Esri and only readable by products of the ArcGIS Platform (and ArcObjects).

Consequently, I think the most likely way that you will be able to read an MXD without using ArcGIS at some time in the future, is if you submit an ArcGIS Idea for an Open API to the MXD format to be developed, and that idea attracts a compelling number of votes.

Esri has previously released an Open API to the File Geodatabase format.

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