I have struggle understanding the following: I have a shapefile with polygons in it. Every feature has exactly two attributes (name and city). Sometimes I have two overlapping polygons, which are really identical except for the name. Now when I select the database in QGIS and I use the identify tool to see what there is, I only get one of the features. If I do the same in ArcGIS however, the identify tool shows me the two polygons.

Do I need to set some specific setting, so that the search function in QGIS is the same as in ArcGIS?

Due to several restrictions, I am forced to use QGIS 3.8.2-Zanzibar.

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    You shold see the attributes of both features. Did you clicked the Button "Expand Tree" in the "Identify results"?
    – fsg
    Mar 7, 2023 at 8:39

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Quote from the QGIS documentation on the identify tool:

At the bottom of the window are the Mode and View combo boxes. Mode defines from which layers features should be identified:

Current layer: only features from the selected layers are identified. If a group is selected, features from its visible layers are identified. If there is no selection then only the current layer is identified.

Top down, stop at first: only features from the upper visible layer.

Top down: all features from the visible layers. The results are shown in the panel.

Layer selection: opens a context menu where the user selects the layer to identify features from, similar to a right-click. Only the chosen features will be shown in the result panel.

So you want to roll with "top down".


So I tried all the suggestions here, but nothing worked.

So I restarted again, deleted all polygons which were not identified, copied them again and then saved. Now all polygons can be found via the Identify Tool.

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