I try to make a rule based labeling for my locations point layer which should be displayed, if a point intersects with the value residential in a (osm) layer called landuse. So I tried to do:


I'm already using the intersect() method elsewhere but in this case without success.

I'm aware of using a workaround but I still need the expression for another case so I would be very glad if someone could help me out here.

Before After
all names are visible only points intersecting with "residential" are labeled

Qgis 3.28

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I think your current expression checks, whether your current geometry intersects with the geometry of the first entry of the landuse layer where fclass is residential.

Use the following instead:

overlay_intersects('landuse',filter:= fclass='residential')

It checks, whether your current geometry intersects with the layer landuse, with the additional filter for features with the value residential in the fclass-field.

enter image description here

  • awesome, thank you so much for the response AND the explanation. It helped a lot!
    – chribre
    Mar 7 at 14:02

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