What I have:

  • 1-band raster of a geodsic viewshed
  • Points within the larger extent of the raster layer

What I need to do:

  • Determine, through analysis, what point features DO NOT intersect the raster.

What works (kind of):

  • Using the ArcGIS Pro "Sample (Image Analyst)" tool would work - generating a table that indicates which points intersect the band and which do not.


  • The organization I am working for does not actually have the Image Analyst extension to run this tool.

What I want to achieve:

  • Find a tool/script/workflow that will allow me to generate similar data to the Sample tool, without the increased expenditure. Ideally still using ArcGIS Pro.

I know this could be simplified by transitioning the data into QGIS, however, I would like to explore possible solutions within the ArcGIS Pro platform.



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