I have following formula that works in ArcGIS within the Raster calculator:

Con (("%P%"-"%ETP%)<0, "%RUx%"*Exp (("%P%"-"%ETP%")/"%RUx"), Con (("%RUx%"+"%P%"-"%ETP%")<"%RUx%","%RUx%"+%P%"-"%ETP%","%RUx%"))

I want to use it in QGIS 3.16 or QGIS 3.4. I made some modifications to make it work in the Raster calculator of QGIS, but I still get an Error parsing formula:

if(("P@1" - "ETP@1" )< 0,"RUx@1" *(("P@1" - "ETP@1") / "RUx@1" )^2.71828, if (( "RUx@1"+"P@1"-"ETP@1") < "RUx@1" ,"RUx@1"+"P@1" - "ETP@1","RUx@1"))

Which modifications are needed to make it work?


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The following works:

(("P@1" - "ETP@1" < 0)*"RUx@1" *("P@1" - "ETP@1") / "RUx@1" ^2.71828)+( "RUx@1"+"P@1"-"ETP@1" < "RUx@1" *"RUx@1"+"P@1" - "ETP@1"*"RUx@1")+"RUx@1"

* symbol should be used instead of ,

+ symbol should be used between two conditions

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