I have a load of points loaded in as a CSV file. I want to show only certain points based on their name, e.g. only value1, value4 and value8, the field name is "Drilled ID".

I have gone to symbology, then categorised and tried this:

"Drilled ID" = 'value1' or 'value4' or 'value8'

Then hit classify, but it doesn't display value1, value4 and value8 only.

Any ideas?


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Use either

"Drilled ID" in ('value1','value4','value8')


"Drilled ID" = 'value1' or "Drilled ID" = 'value4' or "Drilled ID" = 'value8'

Switch to Rule-based and use "Drilled ID" IN ('value1', 'value4','value8')

Consider setting a filter if you don't want to display anything else.

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Instead of symbology, use Provider Feature filter: open layer properties > Source > Query Builder and add this query:

"Drilled ID"  IN  ('value1', 'value4', 'value8')

Be aware that your field name contains a space. That might cause problems with CSV. Better stick to field names like "DrilledID" or "Drilled_ID".

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