I am getting:

Request payload size exceeds limit

while exporting image from google earth engine

This is the code:

// Lab: Linear Regression
var ROI = ee.FeatureCollection("users/enigma_srl/MADHYAPRADESH_DISTRICTS");

/// This function adds a band representing the image timestamp.

var addTime = function (image) {
return image.addBands (image.metadata('system:time_start') .divide (1000*60*60*24*365));

// and map the time band function over it.

var collection = ee.ImageCollection("COPERNICUS/S5P/OFFL/L3_NO2")

.filterDate('2019-01-01', '2022-12-31')


.filterBounds (ROI);

var trend = collection.select(['system:time_start', 'NO2_column_number_density'])

// Compute the linear trend over time.

 .reduce(ee. Reducer.linearFit());

// Display the trend with increasing slopes in green, decreasing in red.

Map.centerObject (ROI, 6);

Map.addLayer(trend.clip(ROI), {min: 0, max: [   -0.00051, 0.0192, 1000], bands: ['scale', 'scale', 'offset']}, 'Air Quality trend over MP');


  image: trend ,

  description: 'Linear fit',

  region: ROI,

  scale: 30,

How do I export the image?

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Your collection is getting in-lined into the Export call because you used it as the region. You shouldn't ever use a collection as a geometry. Use clipToCollection when clipping with it, and collection.geometry().bounds() for the region in the Export.


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