With PyQGIS.I am trying to create a new vector layer by filtering another vector layer based on its attributes. Here is the code that I am using:

fn = r"C:/path/file.shp"
layer = QgsVectorLayer(fn, '', 'ogr')
features_layer = layer.getFeatures()

new_list = []
for feat in features_layer:
    attrs_layer = feat.attributes()
    if (boolean criteria for filtering on the attributes of the existing layer):

file_path = r"C:/path/folder"
new_layer = QgsVectorLayer(file_path, '', "ogr")
provider = new_layer.dataProvider()
provider.addAttributes([QgsField("field1", QVariant.Double)])
provider.addAttributes([QgsField("field2", QVariant.Double)])
provider.addAttributes([QgsField("field3", QVariant.Int)])
provider.addAttributes([QgsField("field4", QVariant.Int)])
provider.addAttributes([QgsField("field5", QVariant.Int)])
provider.addAttributes([QgsField("field6", QVariant.Double)])


for feat in new_layer.getFeatures():
    for i in new_list:
        feat['field1'] = i[0]
        feat['field2'] = i[1]
        feat['field3'] = i[2]
        feat['field4'] = i[3]
        feat['field5'] = i[4]
        feat['field6'] = i[5]

for field in new_layer.fields():

When I run this code, I see no errors but also no outputs. I was expecting the last for loop will return some properties of the new layer that I tried to create.

  • QgsVectorLayer.updateFeature() returns a boolean success indicator, best check that. I guess that you meant to use feature there, not feat? Mar 16, 2023 at 17:04
  • Thank you for your answer. Yes there is a typo there it should be feature not feat. But I couldn't understand what you meant by checking the QgsVectorLayer.updateFeature() part. Mar 16, 2023 at 19:00
  • Where do you use new_list? What is region1? Mar 16, 2023 at 19:39
  • Sorry, I changed the code with generic terms before posting here and forgot to change that line. new_list is `region1, I edited the post again. Mar 16, 2023 at 19:54
  • feature_updated = new_layer.updateFeature(feat) if feature_updated: # success else: # error with your logic Mar 16, 2023 at 19:58

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You can use the "Extract by expression" tool to extract matching features from an input layer.

input_file = r"C:/path/input.shp"
output_file = r"C:/path/output.shp"
filter = ' "intensity" > 4 ' # Edit criteria

output_file_path = processing.run("native:extractbyexpression",

# Uncomment the lines below if you need to add the new layer to the project
# new_layer = QgsVectorLayer(output_file_path, "LAYER_NAME", "ogr")
# QgsProject.instance().addMapLayer(new_layer)
  • runAndLoadResults() can also be useful ^_^
    – Taras
    Mar 18, 2023 at 7:44
  • @Taras You are right. But I thought the OP could use it as an intermediate process. Mar 18, 2023 at 21:14

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