I have field called name which has values like Ahmed and Marten. I need to check if this is the title without considering and.

The answer is no for if(name is title(name) ,'yes','no') because of and. So I need to get yes in the QGIS query.

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    Mar 19 at 21:53
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You need to replace ' and' with ''. E.g. Ahmed and Marten -> Ahmed Marten, and then check replaced_name is title(replaced_name).

Use this expression:

    'text',  -- variable name
    replace("name", 'and ', ''), -- replace 'and ' with ''
    if ( @text is title(@text),  'yes', 'no' )

Ahmed and Marten -> yes
Ahmed and marten -> no
ahmed and Marten -> no
ahmed and marten -> no


I don't know if I understand your question correctly. But try something like:

if( strpos( 'the name you are searching for' , "name" ) > 0 , 'yes' , 'no' )

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