I have been trying to export a .tif raster to KML using QGIS. I have searched and watched multiple YouTube videos but I can't copy what they are instructing because the option so select KML is just missing from the drop down menu. I have also installed the KML tools plug in but I still can't find a way. When I right click on the layer and select "Save as" and go to the format drop down box there is just no option for KML. I have installed the latest versions of QGIS on multiple computers and this option is awlays missing for me. Any ideas?

enter image description here

  • The list is inherited from GDAL ~ gdal.org/drivers/raster/index.html which doesn't offer up a KML raster driver, though there is KMLSuperoverlay, which might be said to be missing
    – nmtoken
    Mar 20, 2023 at 10:45

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KML is a (mostly) vector format, i do not think you can export raster data into .kml with QGIS.

See other questions/answers here: Can QGIS save a Multi-band Raster image as KML/KMZ?

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