Trying to apply an attribute rule to constrain a feature to a certain length (in the below example 8 character string, yet also trying to do it over a subset of data, in which attributes of another field meet certain criteria (the Feature field)

if ($feature.Feature Includes("PAR", "OVERFL PAR", "SBEUtility")){return (Count(Text($feature.Name)) == 8)}

Essentially, I'm trying to built a definition query into the attribute rule expression to only apply the attribute rule over a portion of the dataset where certain attributes are entered, but I'm struggling with the proper syntax

Also trying to bolster the attribute rule by looking for values that are non-numeric (the field is a text field, but the attribute rule goal is to not have lettered characters.


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A couple of minor issues. First, your Includes syntax was incorrect. Second, you need to explicitly return true when the constraint doesn't apply.

if(Includes(["PAR", "OVERFL PAR", "SBEUtility"], $feature.Feature )){
    return (Count(Text($feature.Name)) == 8)
} else {
  return true

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