I have a couple of NetCDF layers for which time dimension is enabled in GeoServer. However, I want to use them in a Layer Group together with layers without time dimension.

Ultimately, I would like to generate GWC cache for each time step of the layer group.

I can't find anything about layer dimensions in layer groups. Is this supported in GeoServer?

  • I don't think so
    – Ian Turton
    Mar 23 at 13:01

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It is not, as of version 2.23.x.

Dimension enabling a layer group could prove to be challenging in general, there is no guarantee the dimensions of the layers making up the group would align.

  • ok, thanks for confirmation. I'm making the layers and groups programatically, hence I'm sure that the dimensions align, so didn't think of this inconvenience.
    – kdd
    Mar 29 at 11:37

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