I'm trying to export a large image to my drive (# of pixels exceeds 1e13 which is the maximum value even after adjusting MaxPixels). In the documentation it states that the image will automatically be split up in tiles, but I just get an error that the file is too large. Especially after you specify a fileDimensions value. Why do i still get an error?

This is the code:

      image: Image,
      description: value,
      folder: outputDirectory,
      fileNamePrefix: value,
      scale: spatialResolution,
      shardSize: 256,
      fileDimensions: 256

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You are specifying a fileDimensions that is way to big. This would be an image with 2560000*2560000 pixels, way over the GeoTIFF 4 GB limit. Try to export your image using a smaller value for fileDimensions.

Maybe this answer can be of help?

  • Thanks for the response, the piece above does indeed cause the tiles to be too large. However, when I change this value to something that should work theoretically I still get the same error. I'll change the code in the question Commented Mar 27, 2023 at 8:31

In the meantime i've found the problem. The Image that I was trying to export didn't have any specific information regarding the extent associated to it. After clipping the Images with a geoJson detailing the extent of the research area, the export worked as expected.

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