I'm new to authoring tasks, and now that I'm attempting to use my task in a second project, the saves are being directed to the GDB I was in when I created the Task. How can I dynamically assign save location to my working directory instead? Is there something similar to the following that I can tack in front of the Output Features filename?

G:(Directory)\New Location\%CURRENT%\%CURRENT%.gdb\(filename)

Task window

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Geoprocessing environmental settings can be set or altered in several places in ArcGIS including the tool itself, in scripts, in Modelbuilder, or system wide. See this link for more information on environmental setting hierarchies.

  • If I get your drift you're saying the tool workspace is overriding the project workspace? I'm not seeing how that gets at how to call the current workspace into my output filepath.
    – joechoj
    Mar 24 at 16:34

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