I am using ArcGIS Pro.

I am trying to label some point features that I have three levels for in symbology but I want to display the value on the label for only one of the three symbology levels at a time.

Is that possible?

My shapefile has three columns: Well_ID, Zone, and WL2018. The symbology is based off the Zone.

Using VBScript, I already have:

[Well_ID] & vbnewline & [WL2018].

What I want is for the labels for WL2018 to only appear on points where the value for one zone is true. For example, I have three levels of symbology, Alluvial, Interface, and Bedrock. I want my map to have labels at each point for only the WL2018 Alluvial data, and not show the data for bedrock or interface.


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You can limit the labels to be displayed from "SQL" in the labeling property. Does it match what you want to do?

postscript: I feel that setting a conditional expression for the label will solve the problem.

enter image description here

  • Yes, sort of. But that gets rid of the entire label. I want the Well_ID labelled for all, but only the Zone labelled for some. When I do the SQL expression for Where Zone is equal to Interface, it gets rid of the labels for all the Well_ID that are not interface. I'd like to keep those. Commented Mar 31, 2023 at 16:14

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