I hope you can help me with this. I have this in the model designer and I looking for a solution because I need to run this process in many layers (150) and I dont know if is possible to select a folder and all the files as inputs.enter image description here

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You can execute the model as a batch process.

Press Run model and: enter image description here

I select all files with 72 in the name in this folder: enter image description here

The tricky part is to name the outputs. This expression replaces the input path with C:/TEMP/model_outputs and use input file name and appends _output.tif to the output file name (use forward slashes in path). Replace @input_raster_layer to match your input parameter name (yellow input box in first screenshot):

 file_path( @input_raster_layer ),
 file_path( @input_raster_layer ),
  base_file_name(@input_raster_layer), '_output.tif'))

enter image description here


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