I am using a QGIS plugin which provides a Processing algorithm but does not know how to handle QgsProcessing.TEMPORARY_OUTPUT as parameter value for its output. I.e. I have to provide it with an explicit file path.

I would like to use the same logic that QGIS normally uses when encountering QgsProcessing.TEMPORARY_OUTPUT, which is a new directory inside its current temporary processing directory.

How can I generate an output path matching QGIS' QgsProcessing.TEMPORARY_OUTPUT logic to manually provide to the misbehaving plugin?

PS: A fix for the plugin is in the works but waiting is not an option.

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QgsProcessingDestinationParameter provides a generateTemporaryDestination() method.

As it is an abstract base class you need an instance of a child class, e. g.

  • QgsProcessingParameterFileDestination
  • QgsProcessingParameterFolderDestination
  • QgsProcessingParameterRasterDestination
  • QgsProcessingParameterVectorDestination

For example if you need a temporary output path suitable for a raster file:

>>> dest = QgsProcessingParameterRasterDestination(name="foo")
>>> dest.generateTemporaryDestination()

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