I have a dataset containing special characters ' and ". I want to replace them with nothing. I tried to replace them with the replace function but it shows some error. Is there any other expression to replace these characters?

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you can use this expression:

replace(replace("fieldname", char(34), ''), char(39), '')

char(34) corresponds to the double quote "

char(39) corresponds to the simple quote '


Use regular expressions with regex_replace() function. The single quote ' has to be masked by a backslash: \'. Use this expression to get rid of single ' and double quotes ":

regexp_replace (Dataset, '(\')|(")', '')

To also replace backslashes \, you must mask them with additional backslashes: \\\\:

regexp_replace (Dataset, '(\')|(")|(\\\\)', '')

With the or operator | you can add as many additional characters to delete as you want. Put the character to be replaced in brackets () .

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