I made several collection and I want to make a line chart using these five period.

var p1 = S2.filterDate('2020-04-14','2020-04-27').mean();
Map.addLayer(p1.clip(SBY), band_viz, 'PERIODE 1');

var p2 = S2.filterDate('2020-04-28','2020-05-11').mean();
Map.addLayer(p2.clip(SBY), band_viz, 'PERIODE 2');

var p3 = S2.filterDate('2020-05-12','2020-05-25').mean();
Map.addLayer(p3.clip(SBY), band_viz, 'PERIODE 3');

var p4 = S2.filterDate('2020-05-26','2020-06-08').mean();
Map.addLayer(p4.clip(SBY), band_viz, 'PERIODE 4');

var p5 = S2.filterDate('2020-06-09','2020-06-22').mean();
Map.addLayer(p5.clip(SBY), band_viz, 'PERIODE 5');

var period = p1.addBands(p2).addBands(p3).addBands(p4).addBands(p5);

var options = {
 title: 'Grafik Rata-Rata Kadar NO2 Per Periode',
 hAxis: {title: 'Periode Waktu'},
 vAxis: {title: 'Rata-Rata Kadar NO2 (mol/m2)'},
 lineWidth: 1,
 pointSize: 4,

var Periode = ['Periode 1', 'Periode 2', 'Periode 3', 'Periode 4', 'Periode 5'];

var chart = ui.Chart.image.regions(
  period, SBY, ee.Reducer.mean(), 30, 'label', Periode)


But instead I got this enter image description here

How can my chart to have just a single line representing the mean of each period?

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Instead of combining your periods to a single image, you can put them in an image collection and use ui.Chart.image.series().

var periods = ee.ImageCollection([
  p1.set('period', 'Periode 1'),
  p2.set('period', 'Periode 2'),
  p3.set('period', 'Periode 3'),
  p4.set('period', 'Periode 4'),
  p5.set('period', 'Periode 5'),

var chart = ui.Chart.image.series({
  imageCollection: periods, 
  region: SBY, 
  reducer: ee.Reducer.mean(), 
  scale: 30, 
  xProperty: 'period'


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