I want to automate repetitive map creations. All these maps have a cities layer. In the layout view, I would like to have a table which shows me the sum of inhabitants.

To not always go back to the data window, build the sum of a selection and paste in the table cell, I was thinking that I can insert a fix table and use the expression builder to populate the cell content. But I don't have any idea to use it there.

I guess I have to

  1. Reference the layer 'cities'
  2. Select cities in a certain area by using one attribute (IF 'State' = Idaho)
  3. Build the sum of inhabitants (sum 'Population').

How can I build this expression in the layout view, so I would just have to change the 'State' value in the selection part and would get the sum, even if the data changes after setting up the layout?

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This expression should give you what you need.

    filter:="State" = 'Idaho'

If you are using an Atlas to generate your maps you could adapt the expression to update automatically.

Something like:

filter:="State" = attribute(@atlas_feature, 'State')
  • Thanks, I accepted this as an answer. I tried aggregate before but did not apply the filter correctly. Your solution works as a charm. Atlas might be the next step :)
    – KoGIS
    Apr 18, 2023 at 7:32

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