I have added two fields to the hosted layer ("fire_hydrant") and need to update the two associated views to reflect these changes. However, one view is a view of the first view, creating a dependency that the AGOL gui will not let me update with.

I Have:

  • fire_hydrant (hosted layer)
  • hydrantviewing_edit (hosted layer view)
  • Hydrant Last Inspection (hosted layer, view

In this order, the layers are parent, child, grandchild views. "Hydrant Last Inspection" is a view/joined table created from hydrantviewing_edit. Both layers are confirmed in their definition as "isUpdateableView" : true. However, I am unable to update "hydrantviewing_edit" from the item details page gui - the option is grayed out with a message "You can't modify view layers with dependent tile layers, vector tile layers, or view layers." (this is pictured). Alternatively, the "Hydrant Last Inspection" layer does not even show an update view option... enter image description here

I have attempted:

I have attempted to manually update the service definition through admin in POST. Though, I receive the following error: enter image description here


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