I know how to use GEE with JavaScript to import the shapefile, which is just uploading file to asset, then import it in JavaScript code, just like this:

var counties: Table user/wxystudio/cb_2016_us_county

It will be automatically transferred to a FeatureCollection object in GEE.

But how can I import this file as FeatureCollection in Python?

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You can install the Earth Engine Python API using pip install earthengine-api

Once you install ee module, open your Jupyter Notebook and run these followinge codes to import the feature collection

import ee

# Trigger the authentication flow.

# Initialize the library.

feature_collection = ee.FeatureCollection('user/wxystudio/cb_2016_us_county')

If you don't want to install earth engine python api on your local machine, you can always try coding on Google Colab. The ee module is installed by default there.

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