I am looking to extract all features that have a field with values above 0 from a shapefile, then export the selected features. I can do an advanced expression such as:

'Field' Not Like '0'

which will leave me with the features I want. However, then, I have to go into the attribute table and highlight these values, then right click on the layer -> Save as -> Save selected Feature.

Is there a way to save the features all in one run?

  • "'Field' Not Like '0'" is a curious selection statement. Since the literal 'Field' is never like the literal '0', the expression is akin to 1 = 1. And without a wildcard in the like pattern, this would be much slower than the equivalent not equals (<>).
    – Vince
    May 8, 2023 at 10:29

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Use the QGIS Extract by expression algorithm with the following expression:

 "Field" > 0

Replace Field with your field name, set where to save the results and then run the algorithm.

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