I have to do some scripting with pyqgis and would like to do this in my IDE 'PyCharm'. So I have set my python interpreter to the path C:/ProgramFiles/QGIS 3.28.3/bin/python-qgis.bat, so I can use the pyqgis library.

However, I need to be able to have access to a running QGIS App from Pycharm, as I need to be able to access active layers (which doesn't work in PyCharm yet, only from the in-built editor).

Is there a way to NOT use the in-built editor, but instead using PyCharm and still be able to access the running QGIS App? The in-built editor must have a connection to the running App.

Is it possible to configure QGIS to use an external IDE/Script Editor?


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You can set the EDITOR variable using:

Settings > Options > System > Environment

Enter here the path of your IDE.

enter image description here

Then, after a restart, clicking this button in the Script Editor window should open your IDE (with the current script if one exists).

enter image description here

Saving changes in either the IDE or the QGIS Script Editor will reflect in both applications.


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