In my attribute table, I'm constructing a link that allows to call google maps and navigate to a position by car. I'm following the developer guides and my URLs look as follows: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/?api=1&destination=Long,Lat&travelmode=driving. These links work fine from within QGIS and also if I just copy paste them in the browser-windwo e.g. on a tablet - it opens the Browser or google maps and starts the navigation with the coordinates as the destination.

This is, how I construct the URL:

enter image description here

And this is the URL:

enter image description here

However, after the upload to QGIS Cloud, this link is broken after the "," between Lat/Long which is the standard format for the URL. Obviously this breaks the link and the navigation cannot be started.

How can I prevent QGIS Cloud from separating the URL after the "," ?

enter image description here

There are some questions that appear to be slightly realted but are ~7ish years old. Such as this one: x and y coordinates will only display [x],[y] when field calculator is used to make a url. However the main issue there is, to construct the link. My links seem to work well, but QGIS Cloud is not able to display it properly.

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It's acutally quite simple. I just figured it out, but want to leave it here in case anyone else is running into this issue:

I was lacking the HTML-Encoding.

Instead of:


I should have written:


Hence replacing the , with %2C.

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