Is there a way to run gdal commands in a silent and quiet mode, for instance, for command tools such as gdalmdimtranslate? a global configuration perhaps? Other commands tools such as gdalwarp have the -q option, for example.

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No. As you've noticed, some GDAL commandline tools support a -q flag, but not all. There's no -q or --quiet type flag in the arguments common to all GDAL raster and vector commandline tools. Nor is there a config option that controls this (see also the old list of config options).

However, there's a standard way to run any commandline program in silent mode and that's to use output redirection to send any output to somewhere other than the terminal. That 'somewhere' can be a file or into the black hole that is /dev/null (Linux/MacOS) or NUL (Windows).

If you just want to silence the standard output but still show errors:

# Linux/MacOS
gdalmdimtranslate in.nc out.nc -array "name=temperature,transpose=[2,1,0]" > /dev/null

REM Windows
gdalmdimtranslate in.nc out.nc -array "name=temperature,transpose=[2,1,0]" > NUL

If you don't want to see anything, even if there's an error:

# Linux/MacOS
gdalmdimtranslate in.nc out.nc -array "name=temperature,transpose=[2,1,0]" > /dev/null 2>&1

REM Windows
gdalmdimtranslate in.nc out.nc -array "name=temperature,transpose=[2,1,0]" > NUL 2>&1

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