I am running this query on overpass-turbo


out geom; 

and I have received this polygon.

enter image description here

but when I process this data my Image is like this :

enter image description here

I am using dot net core and this is my query

foreach (var m in geoElement.members)
    if (m is { type: "way", role: "outer" })
        foreach (var g in m.geometry)
            Coordinate coordinate = new Coordinate(g.lon, g.lat);

var shell = new LinearRing(coordinates.ToArray());

var p = new Polygon(shell);
        var serializer = GeoJsonSerializer.Create();
        using var stringWriter = new StringWriter();
        using var jsonWriter = new JsonTextWriter(stringWriter);

        serializer.Serialize(jsonWriter, p);
        var geoJson = stringWriter.ToString();
        return geoJson;

First I added all geometries lat and lng into a coordinate list and finally, I make a polygon and at the end I make a GeoJSON.

What tips exist here?

I downloaded GeoJSON file from Overpass and I checked with my made GeoJSON. there is so different from points. I don't know why. How can I make GeoJSON like an overpass downloaded file?

This is my GeoJson file I made from Rwa data: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/DSgkSf7qnH/

  • I downloaded the same polygon. The geometry part looks like: "geometry": { "type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [ [ [ 33.0320818, 38.1524781 ], [ 33.0264817, 38.143384 ], - see screenshot of the GeoJSON: i.stack.imgur.com/Cfgee.png
    – Babel
    Apr 30 at 19:34
  • I don't understand what is your point, I downloaded GeoJson but so different when we run my query and make a polygon. I want to make GeoJson from raw data by running query@Babel Apr 30 at 19:37
  • As you can see I made a polygon but my polygon has a problem. do you know is there the any tips to make polygon from Row data by running overpass query @Babel Apr 30 at 19:41
  • So it seems I don't understand your point - your question is not about how to create a GeoJSON file? Than you could simply imitate the structure of the downloaded file. If not, than your question is confusing an I'm not sure what you want to ask.
    – Babel
    Apr 30 at 19:43
  • 1
    Does it help to replace out geom; with >; out skel qt; ?
    – Babel
    Apr 30 at 20:25


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