I have a set of code blocks that ran well earlier in February to grab Sentinel-2 10 bands for the AOI using open data cube. But for some reasons I don't know, it is giving me this error message "'S2' is not defined" each time I attempted to run this cell .


How can I fix the problem in Open Data Cube? All libraries have been installed and cells ran successfully to the cell below:

lat, lon = (-42.510102, 147.991461)
date = '2022-01-01'
filename_out = 'test.nc'
days_before = 40
days_after = 40

    S2 = get_data(lat, lon, date, days_before, days_after)
    print('no data available') 

Apparently, there is a problem with the Sentinel-2 products I am requesting to save from the data cube.

  • To be a code snippet the code that you present will need to include imports for any modules/libraries that are needed to make it run.
    – PolyGeo
    May 5, 2023 at 7:25


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