I have an ArcGIS Experience Builder application, which uses a Web Map I host in ArcGIS online. This Web Map contains a feature layer with several attributes, and I can use these in Experience Builder with the stock widgets (i.e. updating dynamic text based on attributes when the user clicks on a certain feature). I am now trying to write a custom widget using Jimu which displays some text when the user clicks on a feature:

      jmv.view.on('click', evt => {
        const point: Point = jmv.view.toMap({
          x: evt.x,
          y: evt.y

        jmv.view.hitTest(evt).then((response) => {
          // Do things with the attributes of the clicked feature

However, this code only returns the ObjectID attribute of the clicked feature, and none of the others. How do I access the rest of the features?

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The outFields property on the feature layer needs to be set to provide the desired fields before accessing the hitTest results.

Using a wildcard to enable all fields:

var layer = jmv.view.map.layers.getItemAt(0)
layer.outFields = ["*"]

// hitTest code below

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