If there is a standard body defining official Coordinate Reference Systems, then where can we find the official list of codes and metadata for each of the CRSes?

Wikipedia provides links including to OGC and refers to SRIDs, unclear whether this is the standard and where to find the list.

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    This epsg.org/home.html is the biggest and best known, but there are other authorities (IGNF, ESRI, NKG...) as well.
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    May 13 at 19:09

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There is the IOGP's EPSG geodetic registry whose EPSG codes are ubiquitous in the GIS world. Wikipedia article.

Note: The EPSG geodetic registry was originally maintained by EPSG (European Petroleum Survey Group). That group was later subsumed into IOGP.

In the last several years, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has their own Geodetic Registry which has focused on geodetic coordinate reference systems (CRS) but has started adding projected CRS recently.

(Edited by mkennedy -- discloser: I'm on the subcommittee that maintains the EPSG geodetic registry)


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