I have a FeatureCollection ('results'), with several cloud probability values as properties (from different dates).

These properties are called "CLD01", "CLD02",...

I want to filter my collection in a way that only features remain which have 0 cloud probability at any given time, which means each of the "CLD" has to be 0.

I know how to filter my Feature collection by ONE of them:

var results_clear = results.filter(ee.Filter.eq('CLD01', 0))

I found here that I can filter my collection by multiple properties using this approach:

  ee.Filter.eq('COLUMN', 'VALUE1')
    .or(ee.Filter.eq('COLUMN', 'VALUE2'))
    .or(ee.Filter.eq('COLUMN', 'VALUE3')))

but it does not work with ".and" (also not with ".or", I tried it)

This is what I did:

var results_clear = results.filter(ee.Filter.eq('CLD01', 0)).and(ee.Filter.eq('CLD02', 0))

and I get this error:

Line 256: results.filter(...).and is not a function

I feel like this should be an easy thing to do but somehow...it isn't.

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You can make use of ee.Filter.and to filter using both properties.

var results_clear = results.filter(ee.Filter.and(ee.Filter.eq('CLD01', 0),
                                                 ee.Filter.eq('CLD02', 0)));
  • So I was right about one thing: it actaully IS easy. Thanks :)
    – pottsbill
    May 13, 2023 at 9:18
  • 1
    Actually, multiple filters are all anded anyway. So you could just do: results.filter(ee.Filter.eq('CLD01', 0)).filter(ee.Filter.eq('CLD02', 0)) or better: results.filter("CLD01 == 0 && CLD02 == 0") May 13, 2023 at 17:25
  • I also tried your method, Noel, and it worked fine for just those two properties but when I add the whole bunch of properties I want to filter on, I get an error. You might notice, I changed my operator to != (as I changed sth in the workflow) but when I try your proposed approach, it work for 2 properties (CLD01 and CLD02 but not for all of them: FeatureCollection (Error) Collection.filter: Expression parse error at character 118: 'CLD01 != 0 && CLD02 != 0 && CLD03 != 0 .......' I checked for spelling errors and the usual suspects but it is not working for my whole list of specifications.
    – pottsbill
    May 15, 2023 at 19:28

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