I have a shapefile that I want to export the attributes to CSV. However, I get the following message. I have not done anything to the shapefile following the creation of the layer.

Export to vector file failed. Error: Creation of field Assoc_phas failed (OGR error: Attempt to create field Assoc_phas, but a field with this name already exists.)

Any idea why it is not exporting?

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The error message is quite explicit and clear:

a field with this name already exists.

It seems you have two fields with the same name (maybe truncated by the fieldname length constraint in Shapefiles, limited to 10 characters). Check your fields and rename one, or exclude it from export.

In the export dialog window, you have the option to include/exclude fields or to rename them:

Check the box (red rectangle) to include/exclude a field; change Export_name (highlighted in yellow) to save the field under another name:

enter image description here

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