I need to use Georeference toolbar and I searched for it under Raster tab, but it was not there. I searched for its plugin to install, but there is no Georeference plugin to install, instead there is this Freehand raster georeferencer plugin that I do not want.

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I uninstalled my version and installed the QGIS version 3.30.2-'s-Hertogenbosch and I downloaded it using OSGeo4W installer. Still there is no plugin to install and it does not show up under Raster tab. How can I install the plugin?


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Well, I found it under the Layer tab. Apparently it has been moved there since version 3.26.

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    Moved there because from version 3.26, it can georeference vector layers as well, not just rasters. So it makes no sense to have it in menu raster.
    – Babel
    May 25, 2023 at 11:34

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