With the graphical modeler in QGIS, how can I get the coordinates from a point layer in input and putting this value in the algorithm shortest path from vector to point in the related input of the end point coordinates.

I calculated the coordinates of the point with the field calculator algorithm and i used the variable @calculated_coordinates_OUTPUT but it doesn't work.

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    Why don't you simply use the point layer itself as second input to the tool?
    – Erik
    Jun 5 at 8:22
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    @Erik, unfortunately, that particular tool does not accept a layer as the second input, it must be a coordinate pair ( x,y ).
    – Matt
    Jun 5 at 8:56

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Set input for end point to Pre-calculated value, then use this expression:

eval (' @end_maxx  || '','' ||  @end_maxy ')

enter image description here

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